A Prayer Request & Leaving My Comfort Zone Behind…

Pictured above is a couple of pages of the prayer list that I have in the back of my Bible to pray over.

If you are in need of prayer please don’t hesitate to comment below or to email me.

Today, I’m asking you all to please pray for me.

Several years ago, God placed something HUGE on my heart!

I’ve wavered back and forth just for the fact that the past few seasons of my life have been so busy, including this one, and I have literally seen and experienced so many messages to just do it.

BUT a few nights ago as I was having a conversation with my neighbors I felt His presence SO SO SO much giving me the push to go forward with it.

How do we know when God is truly calling us?

  1. He’ll get our attention.
  2. He’ll repeat Himself.
  3. He’ll assure us of His presence.
  4. He’ll give us the first step.
  5. He’ll provide what we need.
  6. He’ll send helpers.
  7. He’ll reassure us.

Have you ever felt as if you were just cruising along to your own comfortable drive, down the roads that you know like the back of your hand? But as you get further along on your journey you began to feel like something is missing?

That’s where I am right now. I’m comfortable with sharing my Bible tips. I’m comfortable with encouraging others. I’m comfortable within the walls my home. I’m comfortable with sharing devotions.

The kind of work God usually calls you to do is the kind of work that you need most to do and that the world needs to have done… The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and world’s deep hunger meet.

Well God has told me: it’s time to venture out into the great unknown, Shar. And through the Book of Isaiah He tells me, fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee;

We are a chosen, special people. God has not called us to fit in!

I can’t say much right now but God is working on something amazing!

But I’m asking myself, am I equipped to do this? What if I fail? What if this doesn’t turn out how I imagined? What if? What if? What if?

am a pencil in the hand of God. – Mother Theresa 

This isn’t about me. This is about Him.

People don’t determine my destiny. God does.

Isaiah 14:27 tells us that NOTHING can stop God’s plan for our lives.

Jesus didn’t call the equipped; He equipped the called.

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned on my spiritual journey, it’s this: No matter what happens, you will never regret doing anything in the name of God!

God, lead me… 

Jesus, lead me… 

Holy Spirit, lead me…

I would truly appreciate your prayers as I undertake this big adventure! Prayers for strength, perseverance, wisdom and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

What about you? Have you overstayed your “comfort zone” welcome? Do you feel as if God is asking you to venture into uncharted waters all for His glory? 

I encourage you to: 

  • Pray. 
  • Talk it over with your spouse (if applicable).
  • Look for God’s messages in everything. 
  • Plan. Even if you can’t see the big picture yet. Get a notepad or open up a document on your phone or computer, and start brainstorming. Doing research. Gathering materials. Doing anything that you need to do to get your show on the road!
  • Continually lean on God. 
  • Don’t get too attached to an idea just yet; what you have in mind and what God actually wants you to do can be two totally different things!
  • Don’t compare yourself to anyone. God has blessed each person on His Earth with the gift of uniqueness. 

I’m so excited to share this news with you all soon!

xo, Shar

5 thoughts on “A Prayer Request & Leaving My Comfort Zone Behind…

  1. Prayers for you!! I feel stuck in my comfort zone but also blind for the next step in my life! Pray for me that it is revealed to me


  2. I’m getting caught up on all your posts and this one in particular spoke to me. I was called to be a teacher, but have felt out of place for the last few years. One of my friends put it best when she said that God sometimes releases us from our calling so He can call us somewhere else. I’m at a point that I feel called to step out in faith before I have all the answers which is hard for my husband to accept. I won’t do anything without his blessing but firmly believe God will provide where He guides. Can’t wait to hear more!!!


    • You ARE in my prayers! I SO get where you are right now.

      And that is so true, where He guides, He provides! Sometimes He is just waiting for US to move forward. To begin taking little steps that will be apart of the big journey that we are on. Because if we truly feel compelled to do something, especially for Christ, opportunities can be missed if we choose to stay still (although staying still can definitely be a good thing when we aren’t too sure and it causes us to just rely on God even more). In Ephesians 5, Paul tells us to seize opportunities for the glory of Jesus. To make the most of them! Our entire lives are full of opportunity! BUT sometimes, in certain seasons, the opportunity comes super clear and it’s [whatevers on your heart] meant to be done.

      I really can’t say a lot for the fact that I don’t know much about your situation right now BUT just continue seeking the Lord, girl 💕. Praying to Him, listening and looking for signs and guidance from Him. Talking with your hubby. And maybe even getting things in order. HE will guide you and if it’s in His Will, EVERYTHING will fall into place! Faith moves mountains!


      PS. I can’t wait to share more! Well I actually can because nothing happens overnight, lol, but I’m super excited!

      Liked by 1 person

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