Come and See (& an update)…

COME and SEE! That’s what Jesus said. 

He didn’t live a super private life. 

He invited people into His home and along with Him on His travels. 

{we can SO do this, not just with people who are physically present with us, but with this amazing thing that we have called social media, too!} 

He taught others by the way He LIVED His life (along with many other ways)! 

Through His ACTIONS, stories and words. 

We are to reflect Jesus. 


The greatest teacher of ALL time and eternity! 
He was/is the perfect living example of God. 

John 1:35-37 “The next day, John was there again, and two of his followers were with him. When Jesus he saw Jesus walking by, he said, “Here is the Lamb of God!” Johns two followers heard him, and they went with Jesus.

They went with Jesus. 

Y’all! This is what ministry is all about. 

Going with Jesus. 

Leading others to Jesus. 

Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!
John wasn’t concerned with having his own followers. 

The guys that we’re with him, following Jesus, fulfilled his ministry and did not take away from it. 
The first disciples asked, “Teacher, where do you live?” Jesus replied, ” Come and See!” 

Jesus didn’t need a classroom to teach. His world was/is His classroom. 

Jesus didn’t need a degree to spread God’s truth. 

Jesus didn’t feel intimidated to share the Good News. 

Jesus didn’t care if others mocked or made fun of Him for sharing the Gospel. 
We don’t need a classroom or a degree to share God’s love. 
We don’t need a million followers to share God’s love. Jesus had 12 (one betrayed Him) and today, billions of people know about Him! 
But did you know that out of those who know about Him, there’s many people who don’t know Him. 
Fully. Wholeheartedly. In constant communion with Him. 

When we truly experience Christ, it’s nothing short of life changing. The power of His love and truth changes lives!

This is where you come in. By living a life that exemplifies Christ, you are inviting others, to COME and SEE (and experience) the Good News!

Ministry begins at home. Maybe you’re not comfortable inviting others into your home at the moment for worship, fellowship and Bible study, for various reasons, but sometimes we just have to step out of faith! In addition there’s many other ways to invite others into our homes all for His glory: social media. 

So getting back to where we started off, no, you don’t need a degree, a classroom or anything super extravagant to lead others to Christ. Your ministry starts right where you are. Through the kindness and love of Jesus. 


Amongst other things: 

I’ve been quite the busy lady lately, preparing fantastic things for you all as I work to build my ministry. JOYFULLY BUSY! So, please forgive me for being a bit silent on the blog lately. I probably will be for the next few weeks, depending on where the Lord leads me. God has been blowing me away with His wonders and how much He has led me on this very special ‘thing’ of mine (which is really His)!

I am just so fired up y’all! 

I’m beyond humbled and grateful for y’all’s continued prayers!

We’re also finishing up the remainder of our 2016-17 school year! 

xo, Shar

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