It’s Here Y’all! And Here’s The Story Behind {it}!

Today, May 16th, 2017 marks a super important day in the history of my life!

Introducing… The {Confetti} Bible and Love Like Confetti Ministries!


I’ve prayed so hard about this, and the Lord has laid this so heavily on my heart!

The Story Behind Love Like Confetti Ministries:

Your Bible is so pretty mom! I wish I had one that looked like that! I would read it all the time!


Those words precious words from my then 5 year old sparked something in me.

I love my well-loved, well-read, marked up, Confetti Bibles. Just seeing them encourages me to read and study even more!


And now, I’m on a personal mission to give well-loved Confetti Bibles to the world! I put love, time and effort into each and every Bible that graces my hands. My favorite part of the entire process so far has been strengthening my prayer life as I pray over each Bible while working in them!

Have you ever been intimidated by the large margins of a wide margined Bible or journaling Bible?
You feel so much in your heart but you lack the words…
Or you feel as if you don’t have an artsy bone in your body…
Leaving you to feel defeated after your Bible Study session or even worse, keeping you out of your Bible altogether?
Have you ever just opened your Bible and had no idea where to start?


This Bite-Sized {Confetti} Bible is for YOU! By bite-sized, I mean standard size, no large margins! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐ŸŽ‰

Why bite-sized?

Digging into God’s Word is most important, not creating a work of art worthy of hanging in an museum. {I promise you, when this Bible is filled to the brim with your love poured out for God on each page, it WILL look like an amazing, blessed work of art!}

Sometimes we can become so overwhelmed by creating art in our Bibles that it takes away from the whole point of Bible journaling: documenting how the Lord is speaking to us and what we learn. A simple quote, tiny illustration, stickers and a splash of color through various underlines, circled keywords, starred verses and highlights can truly go a long way in our hearts and into our lives!

I purposefully selected standard Bibles with very little marginal space to ENCOURAGE and INSPIRE you to dig deeper into God’s beautiful Word without feeling pressure or intimidation as you study God’s beautiful Word.

Bite-Sized Bible journaling is the perfect way of capturing what really stands out to you.

However, for all of my gals who love wide margins, I’ll have a few things for you, too (coming soon)! ๐ŸŽ‰

Click here to find out what’s in the Confetti Bible!

The Bible: itโ€™s Godโ€™s story. And gloriously + graciously enough, itโ€™s your story. Soak it up!


Long gone are the days of seeing Bible Study as a burden or even boring. You will never study the Bible the same way again! Open your Confetti Bible and experience complete bliss as you study the love story that God Himself is writing in your life, coming to life all throughout this brilliant life guide and in your daily life.

This ministry is more than simply giving out Bibles. It’s about equipping and encouraging others to build a stronger relationship with our Savior.


I’ve handed out Bibles before, but honestly had no idea of the person I gave it to read it or not.

Maybe the recipients were inspired but when they opened it up they were met with what they felt like were just page after page after page of text. Not knowing how life changing each word and phrase truly is.

This Bible won’t be opened just once and then put away forever.
This Bible won’t go into the hands of an nonbeliever only to be thrown away after one glance.
This Bible won’t go into the hands of a believer wanting to know God more but feels overwhelmed just looking at the text so they put it away.

This Bible will be read, studied and loved even more. This Bible will encourage anyone who sets their hands upon it to dig into God’s love letter, every page of it!

XO, Shar

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