Currently: May, 2017

It’s hard to believe that the month of May is halfway over with. This year has been flying by! Here’s a glimpse into my life, lately/currently…

CELEBRATING: SEVEN (7!) years of marriage with my amazing lover!
Seven years ago today, I was a just a varsity cheerleader 3 weeks away from graduation who had been dating my boyfriend (now husband) for 7 months. Boyfriend. Wow. It sounds and feels so weird to use the word boyfriend. I had no idea that the life I’m living now would be my life. The Lord has truly blessed me.
Seven years ago today, we had no kiddos and I’d never even contemplated homeschool.
Seven years ago today, we really didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into with this thing called marriage.
Seven years ago today, we lived a few counties and almost 100 miles away.
Seven years ago today, we had no idea that God would bring us here. Not just to a new physical location but here. A beautiful blissful marriage (hearts burn for each other like never before!).
We never thought that we’d have a large family full of handsome boys!

I love you so much, my love. You’ve really helped me grow into the woman I am today. I’m so blessed to do life with you. Happy 7 years baby! Here’s to 77 more!

The launch of my ministry! Love Like Confetti – God is so beyond good! I’m so excited about all the things that are to come! I’m seriously just blown away at how big God is!

The end of the 2016-17 homeschool year! We’ve been year round schooling since July– ’nuff said.

The fact that my city finally has a Little Free Library!

LOVING: Frenchie lipstick. It’s bright red and so vibrant!
Neon colored shorts.
Snapchat filters. I’m obsessed with the pig filter… although it looks a bit like a kitty filter.

LISTENING TO: My Spotify playlist. Listening to it during Bible study is so encouraging. Some of my current (old) favorite songs: Hills and Valleys {Valley’s Version} by, Tauren Wells. • Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee by, Avalon. • When I Think About The Lord by, Jason Breland. • I’ve Always Loved You by, Third Day. • Everytime I Breathe by, Big Daddy Weave. //  That’s What I Like by, Bruno Mars. • Today by, Brad Paisley. • Homegrown Honey by, Darius Rucker. • Sleep Without You by, Brett Young.

My four littles play. ❤️ We have such a loud house!

READING: The Bible! I’m at a point of where I seriously can’t bring myself to read any other book except for the it! But to be more specific, sowing seeds in Mark.
We are always sowing seeds, whether they are good or bad, we are sowing them. We have the opportunity to sow seeds of Christ during every encounter we have, every opportunity we’re given in life and through all of our actions. So, let’s ask ourselves today: What type of seeds am I sowing?

Sometimes we say and think that we are waiting on God to move. Waiting for God to start our business. Waiting for God to restore a broken relationship… Yes, God’s timing is everything, but, in the meantime what are we doing? God is waiting for us, to step out on faith and plant our seeds! Wishing will get us nowhere. Nothing happens at all until an act of faith is planted, our seed. What seed can you plant today? What do you think God is waiting on you to do?

ANTICIPATING: The coming days, weeks, months and years. There’s so much MORE that I want to do and create! I’m excited to see where the Lord takes Love Like Confetti.

This summer. There’s just something about wearing shorts and Rainbows everyday, walking into a cool home, grilling out and fireworks!

PLANNING: Some very special things for you all this summer. Stay tuned, I would love for you to join me! 😉
Blog posts. I’ve been quite the busy bee lately, but really want to share more aspects of my life here and be more consistent in publishing posts each week. The perfect mix of a Lifestyle/Faith Blogger. I’m definitely going to make this ‘currently’ post into a series here on the blog, in addition to fun quiet times!

WORKING ON: Confetti Bibles and Kits! This photo shows a glimpse into the Confetti Kits and this isn’t even half of what goes into them! I’m super excited that the Lord has blessed me to be able to do this. Click the link to find out what’s in them!

Along with cute packages full of love, rainbows, sunshine and unicorn tears. 😜 There’s nothing like opening a much anticipated package that’s full of JOY!
Networking and building relationships with other bloggers and small businesses. I’ve partnered with some amazing ladies and can’t wait to see how God moves!

WATCHING: My four littles play.

My hubby finish up his 1000pc Boba Fett puzzle. He enjoys doing Starwars puzzles, and it he completes them faster each time.

WISHING: Wishing for nothing. God has blessed my cute family and I so much. Only praying for His continued guidance over my life. Well if I could wish for something, more hours in the day, that would be great!

EATING: Whatever my hubby makes! It’s our anniversary weekend and mama gets some time off from the stove!

What are you currently doing?

XO, Shar

4 thoughts on “Currently: May, 2017

  1. I love this post. It just gave me so much joy reading it. I thought about how God can change our lives, just like that! When I read about your marriage and children.
    I feel the same about reading the Bible. I’m currently in a book club and have not the touch the book. lol I can only read the Bible right now.
    I’m looking forward to ordering a Bible from you soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for reading my post and your kind words! 💕 – Ah, YES! God can change our lives so quickly! I honestly had no clue 7 years ago how life would look today or what I’d be doing. I guess no one really has a clue. We can plan and imagine all we want but God’s ultimately in control. Which is such a blessing because who knows where I’d (or any of us) be without Him?! – I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who struggles to read anything else other than the Bible. I’d say it’s one of the BEST “struggles” to have! ✨🎉 What book is your book club currently reading?! 📚 – And I’m looking forward to creating a beautiful Bible, especially for you! ☺️ – Thank you so much, again, for visiting my blog! 💛


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