77 Lessons We Could Learn From Psalms 1-41

We are ONE week away from our Summer Bible Study: Sailing Through Psalms!

Before we dive into today’s post, 77 Lessons we could learn from Psalms 1 – 41, be sure to take a look at the following links if you haven’t already:
+ Our Itinerary (An extensive overview of our Bible Study)
+ The Importance of This Trip & An Activity to do Before We Start Sailing (10 Creative Scripture Writing Tips and It’s Importance)


There’s so many things that we could learn from the first book of Psalms, chapters 1 – 41. Below I’ve compiled a list of 77 lessons that we could learn. But there is SO much more and I’m so excited to see and experience all of the lessons we’ll learn whenever we actually take off to start sailing through these beautiful Psalms.

77 Lessons We Could Learn From Psalms 1 – 41:
1. how to be vulnerable
2. that it’s OK to cry
3. that our feelings need to be confronted with truth
4. how to passionately praise God
5. how to pray deeply
6. how to obtain true wisdom
7. about the holiness of a Godly (wo)man
8. about the happiness of a Godly (wo)man
9. about the way of the righteous
10. about the misery of those who are wicked
11. about the coming glorious reign of Jesus Christ
12. about confiding in the Lord
13. about encouraging ourselves in God
14. about giving God glory
15. that we should search our hearts and consider our ways before we go to sleep each night
16. that He is our peace, rest and salvation
17. how to conquer our fears
18. how to triumph over those who may not like us
19. how to rejoice during hard times
20. about finding peace in God’s presence
21. that our righteousness is found in God alone
22. that God wants us to come to Him even when our emotions are wrecked
23. about who God has chosen as His very own and the character traits they possess
24. about righteous indignation
25. that when God puts grace in our hearts, He also puts happiness in our hearts
26. that the peace that He gives us can truly put even the most anxious person to rest, in every sense of the word
27. to take comfort in God’s holiness
28. that there is no true enjoyment found in evil
29. that no self-righteous person will stand in the presence of God
30. that we are not alone in our emotions
31. to have confidence in God’s deliverance
32. that our defense of that of God
33. about the glory of God on Earth and in Heaven
34. that our destiny is to be be crowned with glory and honor one day
35. about Christian dominionship
36. that an important way to praise and glorify God is to simply tell of all His marvelous works
37. that we should seek to conform ourselves with His Word and Truth
38. that we should set ourselves to really know God, not just about Him
39. that God always remembers His people
40. that nothing can stop God’s plans, even those who oppose Him end up serving His purpose (Judas… for example)
41. that when we are wicked we continually bring harm upon ourselves
42. that in God, we triumph over sin
43. that we should keep praying, reading, hearing, receiving, serving
44. that those who don’t seek God or think about Him are just as those who reject Him
45. that faith is the answer to fear
46. that we should pray for our relationship with God
47. that spiritual sleep can lead to spiritual death
48. to trust in God’s mercy
49. that God is always looking down from Heaven upon us
50. that those who fight against God never succeed
51. the character of the person who can stand before God
52. what the righteous (wo)man does with their money
53. about the benefits of a life commitment to the Lord
54. about the benefits of His guidance and security
55. about the benefits of joy and preservation
56. about the confidence of prayer
57. that God is truly our: strength, rock, fortress, deliverer, strength, shield, horn and stronghold
58. that the Lord will reward us according to our righteousness
59. that God gives us His light and Word to empower us
60. that we should continue to give thanks and praise to Him for past victories
61. that we are surrounded by God’s glory
62. about the glorious character of God
63. that His Word is converting and brings new life to us
64. that the Word of God is greater than earthly wealth and pleasures
65. that there is a great reward for keeping God’s Word
66. that the Lord saves those who are anointed in Him
67. that our trust shouldn’t be in material, earthy things or a person, but the Lord
68. that His grace and goodness comes to meet us
69. why those who oppose God deserve His judgement
70. about how our Shepherd sustains us
71. about actions we must no longer pursue to find God’s blessing
72. what to do when “bad guys” win
73. what will happen to sinners
74. what true generosity is
75. how to be secure forever
76. that those who obey the Lord lack nothing; we may not have all we want but we have all we need
77. what the Lord will do for people who are kind to the poor

WOW! That’s certainly a boat-load of lessons! But, there’s just SO much more and I can’t wait to get started!

I would like to mention that it’s not about the number of lessons we learn during this Bible study, but, how The Lord speaks to us and how we apply His counsel to our lives. I just love making lists. 😉 So, you can expect to see quite a bit of them during this study!

This is my Confetti Bible, I can only imagine how much more it’ll be bursting with love after our Summer Bible Study! Within the pages of this amazing book my identity is found.
My purpose.
My joy.
My life.
Within the pages of this book you’ll discover the greatest story ever told.

Ipray that whatever you’re looking to get out of this Bible study, you’ll find.
I pray that you’ll experience the love of our God like never before.
That our Shepherd will wrap you mightily in His arms and lead and guide you according to His Will.
That if you only know about Him, you’ll come to know Him. The awe and wonder that is Him.
I pray that we’ll be able to glorify His holy name. Not just on social media, Monday through Friday, but every moment of our lives through our words and actions.
I pray that He’ll open our blind eyes to new truths.
In Jesus’ holy name, Amen!

I can’t wait to start digging deeper into God’s love letter with you!

XO, Shar

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