Scripture Writing Tools + An Announcement

We start our sail through Psalms on Monday!
There are no signups. Check out this link to read more about it. I would love for you to join us if you haven’t already!

Do you have your Bible study and Scripture writing tools packed and ready to go?

Today, I’ll be sharing about what I plan to take along on this sail!


  • my Confetti Bible
  • my journal
  • Sakura Pigma Micron pens
  • BIC Briteliner highlighters (I have a ton of other brands and off brands, but I’ll probably be using these mainly.)
  • washi tape (All different colors and widths, is there a such thing as too much washi?)
  • post-it notes (My Bible is littered with brightly colored sticky-notes, and I’m pretty sure that my journal will be, too, after this. Visit this post to find out what I use them for.)
  • pretty, brightly colored diecuts and ephemera (For décor and additional notes!  These cute items are included in the Confetti Kit along with a lot of other Bible journaling supplies.)

Did you see that? A direct link to Confetti Kits! You asked, and I delivered! Standalone Confetti Kits are now available! The items in them will probably change from month-to-month, but cute kits are awesome if you’re looking to embellish your Bible more or if you have wide-margins and would like to start filling them in!

OK, now back to the purpose of this post:

It’s totally OK if you’d just like to do one aspect of this Bible study, either Bible marking, Scripture writing, or both. I’ll personally be doing both! Remember to tag any photos that you may post to social media with #lovelikeconfetti (@lovelikeconfetti) and #goodmorninggirls! So that we can all show each other love, like confetti! If you don’t blog or use social media, please feel free to email me your devotion(s) to be featured in the weekly round-up blog posts on Fridays!

This is how I’ve decorated my journal cover so far.


As we dig deeper into Psalms, it’ll become more embellished overtime, especially the inside pages! I’m so excited to see how it’ll look after each day.

Other things to add to your journal:

  • prayers
  • what you’ve written for the {reflect} portion of your Bible study (this post contains the method that we’ll be using)
  • doodles, maybe you’ll have a few days when you may want to just draw out how scripture speaks to you – Psalm 1:3a, for example, “He shall be like a tree Planted by the rivers of water” when I read that I automatically imagine a fresh, clear stream with strong, beautiful, deep green trees on it’s bank. Accompanied by a soft, cool breeze.
  • definitions
  • and anything else that your heart wants

The first 5 Psalms… Just waiting to be filled up with love!


Are you on board?
What are some of your favorite Bible study tools?
Do you need a few tips for writing out Scripture? Read this post for some of my favorite tips!

Have a great weekend ladies! Meet over here on Sunday, June 4th, where I’ll be posting our Bible study schedule for our first week in Psalms, along with a few other details!

Love, like confetti,

19 thoughts on “Scripture Writing Tools + An Announcement

  1. I literally smile ear to ear every time you post and if my smile can get any bigger, it does as I read what the Lord is doing for you and through you! I am SO EXCITED about our study Monday and I cant wait to by a standalone kit and see what your wide margin bibles will be like 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re always the sweetest! I can’t wait! I love the Psalms so much and I’m seriously looking forward to studying them, SO ENCOURAGING AND INSPIRING {a lot like you, (^_^)} – And yesssss girl! More goodness is coming soon! I have to work on balancing time, haha


      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m ready to start the study! I have a notebook, markers, gel pens, stickers, scrapbook stuff that never got made into a scrapbook and an extra notebook for my daughter. I’m hoping we can do the study together! She is 9 and has school for a few more days (8), so we will see! Thank you for doing this and sharing it with us to join with you! When I study the Bible I usually just underline verses that stand out to me, but this time I am writing them in my journal and making them fun too! I can’t wait!

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOVE this! I love using scrapbooking stuff in my Bibles and journals. And that would be amazing if y’all could do the study together! I’m look forward to seeing what you do in your journal! We are gonna have a blast this summer, I’m so excited!



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