Sailing Through Psalms – Weekly Round Up v.1

Happy, FriYAY! We are in Psalm 5 for our Summer Bible Study, Sailing Through Psalms.


Today concludes our first week of this study. And wow, it’s been a super blessed week!


If you want to be inspired to dig into the Word, this post is especially for you! [If you are viewing this in an email browser, please click here for a better view of this post.]

I’m in complete awe at all of the beautiful photos and reflections I’ve seen and read this week from everyone!


There is no right or wrong way to do this. Everyone’s Bibles and journals look so different (just like us), but equally beautiful (just like us)! The most important thing is that we are in the Word of God.

Below are photos from this week’s devotions. Unique squares being woven into a glorious tapestry for our Creator!

[All of the photos below belong to their respective owners.]

There’s tips listed under each photo group to help you, as you dig deeper into your Bible and journal.
Be sure to follow along with these Confetti Girls 🎉 on Instagram!

I love:
+ how @mellissaadelle implemented this post onto the inside cover of her journal, and wrote out her Bible marking key.
+ how @lookaroundthecorner1 (from The Netherlands!) used multiple Bible translations.
+ how @lalastar86 doodled little pictures to go along with scripture.
+ all of the colorful options that @mama_jacquelin has!
+ the note @thismamaandgod has written by Psalm 2:10 — We must be open and willing to receive instruction – THAT is wisdom!
+ @m0mmy2madison’s reflections on Psalm 3, and all of the different color’s she used!

I love:
+ that this study isn’t just limited to US, English speakers. We are ALL God’s people! (@hauptsachebunt) — I love seeing how other’s mark their Bible’s with different symbols.
+ how colorful and creative @iamcindylynn’s journal is! WOW!
+ the note @harrischristal14 wrote in her journal next to Psalm 2: A Father’s love and guidance, firm but full of promise.
the bright colors in’s Bible. I am a sucker for Bible color codes! (^_^)
+ how well-loved @usheretto’s Bible is and how she wrote definitions and synonyms next to certain words. That’s one of my favorite ways to study the Bible!

I love:
+ the simplicity of @sweettea_and_bluebonnets Psalm 1 scripture writing! God’s Word is just so beautiful!
+ how @sommermcdesigns praises God in her Bible.
+ how @rosareyes02 highlighted, colored, circled, squared and notated her scripture writing. And how she has all 5 books of the Psalms tabbed in her Bible. I’m getting so many inspiring and helpful ideas from you ladies!
+ @snowflakemsu’s colorful scripture writing!
+ how @kakrn97 uses a variety of colorful pens to write out scripture.
+ the notes in @jodykoerp’s journal: God is in control. Every moment, everything is His. and He turns all into good for us and for His glory. He is the Great I AM!
+ how color @primpsandprose’s Bible is, and how she put her paraphrases next to the Scripture she wrote out in her journal.

I love:
+ that @mikiamonay doesn’t let that fact that she’s busy keep her out of God’s Word. She is studying Scripture… in her car!
+ @mustard_seed89 detailed reflections on Psalm 3, and how she boxes in God’s name each time she writes it.
+ the fact that @kakrn97 took the time to write Scripture out… at work!
+ @maricielo828’s colors journal page and illustration, and her notations!
+ that @laurajanebarber is using the New Inductive Study Bible to sail through Psalms. Markings, symbols and color codes are a great way to slow down during quiet time!
+ @ladybrown84’s notes and paraphrases in her Bible.

I love:
+ @jodykoerp’s beautiful depiction of Psalm 1!
+ how @triciajoy23 implemented this post into her quiet time.
+ @mrslubbs’s  reflections on Psalm 2 and her honesty.
+ @cherrypie0420’s note at Psalm 1:2 – The Law of The Lord if our daily bread!
+ how @suslech used different colored pens, stickers and washi tape to create a beautiful page in her Bible, and the wise notes that she wrote!

I love:
+ how colorful @iamcindylynn’s journal and Bible are! Ah! I just love how she pours her love for God out all over those pages!
+ how @alice_m_hall journals God’s word, by marking keywords and writing definitions – and how she adds her name into Scripture.
+ @jesicaslita’s well-loved Bible; she has notes dated from several years ago! Wow!

I love:
+ how @jesicalita decorated her journal.
+ @lalastar86’s doodles and cross references in her Bible.
+ @mrslubbs’s sticker, noting that the Psalms is a book of praises… with a cute birdie singing! I also love seeing her Bible marking symbols.
+ the method that @iamhis32 uses to write and notate Scripture! It’s so colorful!
+ @desireegrosgebauer’s note next to Psalm 4: Because of the blood of Christ, God sees us as perfect!

I love:
+ the inside cover page of @m78foster’s journal! The anchor is so symbolic and goes along with our Sail Through Psalms, perfectly!
+ that Emily emailed me a photo of her devotion for the fact that she doesn’t use Instagram. And her CUTE notes!

Inspired? I certainly am! I am so blessed to be doing this study with you all!

I can’t wait to do a few different things with my journal and Bible next week!
You don’t have to be super artsy to do this.
You don’t have to use 1,473 different colors to do this (although it makes it fun!).
You don’t have to have the most epiphany out of your quiet time to post your devotion.

Start right where you are! And remember to tag #lovelikeconfetti (@lovelikeconfetti), #sailingthroughpsalms and #goodmorninggirls to be featured next Friday!

It is NOT too late to join us! Click this link to find out everything that you need to know. We’ll be docked at shore until Monday morning! 🙂 Check back on here Sunday for next week’s itinerary 😉!

PS. This giveaway ends at 11:59PM EST tonight!

The biggest thing that stood out to me this week is to keep God’s infallible Word in my heart and mind at all times. When we close our Bibles and start to take on our daily life, that’s where all that we’ve learned really comes into focus. It’s exciting and fun to make create beautiful Bible and journal pages but it means nothing if we’re not applying it to our life.

Let’s chat! What did you learn from your quiet time today (or this week)? What verse(s) stood out to you the most? I would love to know!

Love Like Confetti,

18 thoughts on “Sailing Through Psalms – Weekly Round Up v.1

  1. I Love all of these!!!! It helps me to search everyone’s posts and reflect on their interpretations and compare notes and add more to mine. It’s incredible how the living word can have so many different meanings to us all.
    This week I had the same chaos with toddlers and daycare kids, but the difference was my focus. Because my eyes were on jesus everything was manageable. I was able to do everything that’s always “too hard to do wth kids”. I read my bible and included them in journaling. I read my book (having a Mary heart in a Martha world. Totally recommend!!!!!) and I was able to exercise everyday. This study has already become a huge blessing in my life and I can’t wait to start next week💗

    Liked by 1 person

    • Amen! When our eyes are focused on Him, the possibilities are infinite! I love that you included the in your “quiet time.” I found that that helps me a lot! Because my littles love doing everything that I do. 🙂 Sounds like you have had a super productive week, glory to God! I’m so excited for next weeks study, too! New week, new truths!


  2. One of my favorite verses from the Psalms was this week. I sometimes have a problem when I lay down to sleep at night with my mind still going 90 mph while I’m trying to sleep. Ps.4:8 is my go-to verse on those nights – I repeat it in my mind to drowned out the other stuff, and before I know it I’m sound asleep.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Chapter 1 has one of those timeless verses and message. The blessedness of following the Lord and delighting in His word Vs. the way of the ungodly and their ultimate eternal demise. Makes me think about the lost world and how they need Jesus. I not only have to be intentional in spending time with God every day, but also, I need to carry around a sense of concern for those perishing and speak to them about the good news.
    God’s love is like confetti, everything goes!! How gracious He is!!!! 🎊 🎊 🎉🎇🎆

    Liked by 1 person

    • YES! It’s so “fun” to work in our beautiful Bible’s and journals, but we have to remember why we are doing this, to help ourselves (life application), and others that they may come to KNOW how great our God truly is!


  4. Yes Shar, thank you so much for compiling these! And for including me! I love this little “community” I’ve found through Instagram to study the Word. I appreciate all you’ve done and continue to do to bring all this together! 🌈🙏🏻👍🏻❤️😁

    Liked by 1 person

    • I LOVED seeing everyone’s devotions, and your pretty 😍 Bible and helpful notes, girl! Isn’t awesome that we can all study together although we’re all over the world?!

      Thank you for being an encouragement to me! ❤️🎉📖💕


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