A Post For My Hubby…

Happy Father’s Day, baby!
[disclaimer: this post is FULL of photos of my delicious husband and me swooning over him]

To my wonderful husband,

The past 7.5 years have been the 7.5 best years of my life, all 25 years of it! Haha! Especially the last 6 years, as we became parents and have grown even closer together.


Then (18 & 27) and now (25 & 34)!

I’m so grateful that God gave me you to be with me on this crazy-beautiful journey called… parenthood… and marriage! So, lets a take a look-see of all of the things that I just adore about you! I hope you are prepared for all of these pictures because some of them are ancient! (>_<)

I love…

+ that you don’t mind me calling you the most annoying cutest names ever: Robert. Humberto. Roberto. Mi Sexican. My little mush. Pease blossom. Hubbykins. Schmubby/kins. Mi Chubbykins. ROBERT! My sexy man.

+ that you’re a champion at everything you do!

+ seeing you love on our bebes!

+ how you’ve been there and comforted me as we welcomed our sweeties into the world! And made me feel beautiful all of the 87492 times I’ve been pregnant, when I felt SO huge!

+ that you ain’t afraid to get durtyyy even tho’ you’re so purtyyy! (^_^)

+ how hard you work!

+ how you make the boys feel extra special on their birthdays.


Especially, last November for Aiden’s birthday. I was 2 weeks postpartum and in tons of pain from my C-section and you handled everything and even baked your first cake ever! You blow me away, baby!


+ that you don’t mind me taking pictures of any and everything that you do.

+ how cute you look when you’re sleeping. Ahhh! you’re so cute babe!

+ that you let me take the silliest pictures of you!

+ that my lovely annoying voice doesn’t annoy you.

+ how you always call me throughout the day to tell me that you love me and to see how my day’s going.

+ that you believe in me and support all of my goals and dreams!

+ hearing you pray out loud, and thank God for me. I love you so much baby!

+ that you carry the diaper bag everywhere that we go…

+ how you encourage the boys!

+ that you’re a big kid! *sometimes* I love this, LOL!

+ that you have a niceeeee bum!


From the moment that I met you, I thought you were fine… SO fine!


+ the way you look at me.

+ that you think that I’m the prettiest girl, ever.

+ that the notes that I write on your lunches make you laugh.

+ our late nights, whenever we just hangout in the back yard, talk and listen to music.


+ how HOT you are!

+ that you make football FUN for the boys and I.

BUT you are a bit obsessed with this jersey. You wear it 235 days out of the year.

+ how you encourage me in my walk with Christ.

+ having fun with you and laughing about the most simple things!

+ that you think I’m the smartest person ever. I am soooo NOT babe! LOL

+ how you always say, “I have a smokin’ hot wife!” to everyone. You are the best!

+ the day you went back to work after you stayed home for 2 weeks to take care of Ari and I after his birth… you told me I could do it. It was my first time alone with all 4 kiddos and I didn’t want you to go back to work because I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do it. But you didn’t have a worry in the world because you think that I’m super woman. It’s always the little things that you say, that encourage me so much baby!


Ari was only 2 weeks old here and this was you saying goodbye to him on your first day back to work.

Photos from my first day alone with all 4 littles! I was SO worried, but this is our new normal!

+ how cute you are!

+ whenever you play music for me.

+ how you always surprise!

+ that you know our children’s passions, weaknesses and differences, and cater to them.

+ how you believe in true love and use different instances in our marriage to help others.

+ how you love on our little Ari bear!

+ how helpful you are.

+ how you always give me homeschooling ideas for the boys. And that you’re our hot principal!

Did I mention how HOT you are?!


So yummy!

+ how you love surprising the boys!

+ holding hands with you.

+ this life that we live together.


There are 1,000,002 things that I love about you. But what I love most is that you’re ours!



I’m so blessed to be your wifey and to have you as my husband! Lucky 7 years of marriage with you and almost 8 years together total. Sometimes I just look at you and I still can’t believe that you’re all mine. I love you more than any blog post could ever express!

You’re my favorite.
You’re my best.
You’re the reason my heart jumps out of my chest.

I’m keeping you forever and for always!


6 thoughts on “A Post For My Hubby…

    • You are always so sweet! 🙈😍😘✨ Thank you! This isn’t even half of our story! I hope to share our marriage testimony one day. It is HUGE! – And yes girl, keep believing in true love, it exists!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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