Currently: June 2017 {Meet, Dixie!}

Meet, Dixie {the Shih Tzu} Martinez!
We rescued this little fella over the weekend and are beyond in love with him! We are now a family of SEVEN + 1 angel! And of course, it’s another boy!

After we first saw him, we were unsure of exactly what to do (from the circumstances, we believe someone dropped him off under our car port). He looked like he hadn’t ate or drank anything in a while. His fur was extremely scraggly, matted and dirty.  He was very scared. And even growled at me. So me, being me was like, “No Robert he has to go, I don’t want our kids around him!” But, he was very protective of our property, like he’d been here for years.

But after I spent more alone time with him (literally several minutes), I was sure of what I wanted, him. So hubby asked me, “What do you want to do?” I give him a sad, desperate look and he immediately knew. “You want to keep him babe?” he asked. And joyfully, I said, “YES!” And our lives haven’t been the same since.

Check out his before and after! He was in such horrible shape and looked so pitiful. At first, Dixie was very defensive but softened up after hubby and I gave him some lovin’! We didn’t allow the boys to play with him until after we’d given him a bath and made sure he was kid-friendly.

Dixie’s after photo was taken after we fed him and gave him a bath. The boys loved helping me wash him! This was after having him for only a few hours. It’s amazing what a bath and lot’s of loving can do!

I’m clearly obsessed. So obsessed that I’ve been working on an Instagram profile, just to keep up with his adventures with us! (^_^) If anyone is interested in following him (lolololololololol) and this new chapter in his life, whenever His Instagram is up and going, just let me know!


Robert went out and got him food, a few different kinds of treats, a brush, shampoo, toys and a bed. Hubby as even been looking up Dallas Cowboys collars and outfits. I’ve been researching local groomers and vets, because he is so in need of a grooming! Our neighbor, who used to work at the animal hospital took a look at him for us, and he seems to be in good shape. So now, it’s a matter of scheduling his appointments. All of this is happening so fast!

I’ve also been pinning #allthethings because I’m over the moon about this little fella of ours (yes, Dixie already has his own Pinterest board!). We’ve only had Dixie for a few days, but let me tell you, whenever I do go out to shop for him, I’m gonna have a field day! He literally follows me everywhere! 😍 Haha, we love being dog parents.

This is him sleeping in his little bed last night. #allthefeels

Getting some love from mama!

Dixie has been getting SO much love from the boys. He loves playing fetch, getting belly rubs and being near his mama, me! 🙂 He is such a well-behaved little pooch!

He’s tiny, but mighty! Whenever he’s outside he takes his guard dog stance and will sound off at anyone who walks by until I tell him to stop. But he’s clearly all bark, haha.

I seriously feel like we have a new baby, except I didn’t give birth a few days ago (thankfully, because I just had a baby 7.5 months ago!). We are really looking forward to giving this sweet boy lots of love!


+ Packaging more Confetti Bibles and Kits to be shipped out this week, and updating the Confetti Kit.
+ Replying back to emails. I feel like I’ve been a bit silent on the web for the past couple of days. I blame it all on Dixie. 😉
+ Trying to decide what planner I want. I’m really thinking about The Happy Planner, but Erin Condren has my heart! (I need to make a decision SOON!)
+ Doing more freelance work, but I have several other things to focus on first.

Something HUGE! So, please be sure to sign up for my very special emails/newsletters.
+ more blog content.

+ My latest makeup choices, especially VEGAS NAY lashes.
+ My family!

Our life has been full of lot’s of water-play, cornhole and grilling!

+ Beauty and The Beast. Robert and I LOVED this movie! It was beyond amazing. If you don’t believe in true love, that will definitely change after you watch this movie!
+ American Ninja Warrior.
+ Counting On. I love those Duggar {Dillard, Seewald, Vuolo, Forsyth ;)} girls SO much! I’ve been keeping up with the Duggars long before any of them were old enough to get married. It’s so nice to see how much they’ve all grown up!
+ Deadliest Catch.
+ Alaskan Bush People.
+ 7 Little Johnston’s.
We love watching these shows every week as a family!
+ My hot hubby as he completes more puzzles. He now has his very own hashtag for them on our private, family Instagram account!

+ The Book of Psalms. This Bible study honestly has me reevaluating so many things in my life!

+ About everything I possibly can about being a new dog mama!

The 4th of July! We live near the baseball stadium here, and every year they put on a fireworks show for the 4th. This is definitely one of our favorite holidays! It is gonna be so awesome. We love grilling out, listening to music and hanging out with each other and our friends. It’ll be Ari’s (7.5m) very first 4th of July, we have no idea if he’ll be awake long enough for the fireworks though. Avery (2.5) slept through the first few firework celebrations of his life and finally saw them in person for the first time last month, during a Memorial Day celebration.

For nothing at all. God has been doing so much work our lives. But as usual, more hours in the day. Balancing blogging, business, personal time, homemaking, wifey/mama duties and Dixie is seriously a bit of work. But worth every minute of it! I love it all! God is so good!

I hope you all have been doing fantastic!

Love Like Confetti,

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