Sailing Through Psalms – Weekly Roundup v.4 (+ more!)

We are in Psalm 20 today, for our Summer Bible Study, Sailing Through Psalms!

Today concludes our 4th week of this study!  Below are devotions from this week– we covered Psalms 16-20.

My biggest lesson from this week came out of Psalm 18, on judgement. As humans, we have a tendency to judge others with very little measure and mercy, and expect God to judge us with a large measure of mercy. However, Jesus tells us to expect the same measure from God that bestow upon others. This lesson was so simple, but HUGE! I also got a lot out of Psalm 19, but more on that later. 😉


Click here to see the roundup from Week 1.

Click here to see the roundup from Week 2.

Week 3’s roundup was replaced with this post.

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It is NOT too late to join us! Click this link to find out everything that you need to know. We’ll be docked at shore until Monday morning! 🙂 Check back on here Sunday for next week’s itinerary 😉!

This weekend and next week will be very busy for my family, so I will be taking the next several days off from social media. It’s only a few days but making this decision was tough for me just for the fact that we are in the middle of a Bible study… And I’ll probably have to do this again when we begin our prep for Homeschool. But whenever I started thinking about it, a feeling of guilt started coming over me. I don’t want to let anyone down. But I know that my personal relationship with God, followed by my family is what matters most. I have been so blessed by you all through social media. In my last blog post, I talked about priorities.
1. God.
2. Marriage.
3. Motherhood.
4. Homemaking.
5. Leading others to Christ. (/strengthening those who are already His)
That’s the order of my priorities, and social media has helped me tremendously with #5.

On Wednesday night I prayed, seeking God’s counsel about this decision. God speaks to me a lot through dreams, and Thursday morning, whenever I woke up, I knew what I needed to do. I also saw a glimpse into the future of Love Like Confetti Ministries! I told y’all that God has placed something HUGE on my heart and that I was hesitant to share it because it’s still very fresh. Up until then, I’d been feeling all of these things in my heart from Him. But the fact that He showed me, clearly, in a dream is a big deal!

From the moment I felt this huge project in my heart, I started praying about it more. “Now, Lord? Really? You want me to do this now? In the midst of everything that’s going on in my life?” His answer: YES, Shar. So now, I’m in a stage of planning, and relying on His guidance, as always. I apologize for the vagueness of this post, but I just had to share it! The first people who will know about this special project will be email subscribers, so be sure to sign up if you haven’t yet!

My hubby is also taking a week’s vacation so I will be spending a lot of extra time with him, our family and friends. Cultivating face-to-face relationships are important and spiritually refreshing.

The schedule for Week 5 will be posted on Sunday! I hope you all have the most blessed weekend!

Let’s chat! What did you learn during your quiet time today (or this week)? What verses stood out to you the most? I would love to know!

Love Like Confetti,

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