How’s EVERYONE been?!

This week away from social media has been amazing! My soul needed this so much. Just to be still and quiet, and focus on my family and cultivating real-life relationships.


Here’s just a few pictures (out of about 200 lol) from one of the most beautiful days/nights in America with my love! He makes me so happy! #allthehearteyes!

This week was FULL of:
love. kisses. hugs. laughs. fireworks. movie marathons. water play. friends. family. yummy adult beverages. food. dancing. singing. fresh air. new truths. pups. music. life lessons. and all the good things!

We also started prepping a bit for the upcoming homeschool year, but more on that later!


Isn’t crazy how satisfying social media can be at times, yet overwhelming. I felt so much rest and freedom this past week (it felt like I was almost near depletion during the last couple of weeks leading up to my short break and I’m pretty sure it clear for y’all to see in my posts from last week).

Free from checking my inboxes, stats, the pressure to keep up with the blogging world… Free from comparison. Social media is a beautiful tool, but when not used wisely it’s so easy for the lies of Satan to creep in.

I’ll be honest, the enemy almost got the best of me during the past several days. Although this week has been restful, it’s been busy. There were moments where I thought about the future of my ministry and all of the things that I feel that God has planned.
You can’t do this, Shar.
You are not perfect.
You need to work on yourself more before you try to help others.
You’re trying to share the word of God? Ha! Are you even spending enough time with Him?
You’re want to help others, yet your inbox has unread emails from weeks ago.
And so much more.

Sorry, not sorry, Satan. The Lord has been doing a tremendous work and me and I will not be bound by your chains. I will continue to share my story! I will continue to share God’s Word. I will continue to build up His Church!

You see, often, when God is at work, the devil tries to work twice as hard to deter us from Him. But God always wins. πŸ˜‰

I will not be bound bind the lies of Satan.
I will not allow social media and comparisons to get the best of me (or drain me).
I will continue to rest in His grace and the freedom that is of Him.

Are you still sailing with us?! The schedule for Week 6 of our summer Bible study, Sailing Through Psalms will be posted tomorrow! See you then! πŸ™‚

How as your week?!

Love Like Confetti,

2 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. Well…I’m on Work Comp leave from work as I tripped & fell on uneven pavement. banged up my right knee & jarred my back real good! Start physical therapy on Tuesday. Getting an MRI too as I have new sciatica pain down my right leg that wasn’t there before. 😦


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