Currently: July 2017

CELEBRATING: The fact that Dixie is officially ours! Last month this poor little pooch appeared under our carport. From the circumstances we assumed someone had placed him there. We later found out that his owner lived right down the road from us! On the evening of July 6th, we heard a knock on the door, I answered it. Someone had told us that their dog was in our yard… The dog we had been caring for wholeheartedly for about two weeks at the time. I was immediately heartbroken! My husband asked the guy for paperwork/proof. He showed us and we then invited him into our home. After talking for a while, we gave Dixie to him along with all of the food we had purchased for him. We said our goodbyes and went back inside. I was at the sink washing my hands with tear-filled eyes as my hubby stood at the backdoor. “I can’t believe he’s gone babe…,” said my hubby. I was so hurt by it all that I couldn’t muster up any words. “He’s bringing him back.” I ignored my husband as he said that because for some odd reason, I thought that he was teasing me… Until he said it again, but with more enthusiasm: “He’s bringing him back babe!” Perplexed, we ran to the front door, and Dixie came running! It’s like somehow he knew he was HOME! Maybe they saw that he was getting real love here… Or how happy he made us  and vice versa… Or maybe they realized they just didn’t want him… We’re still not 100% sure on why he brought him back. But we expressed our gratitude and are beyond happy!

Dixie: The first day we took him in, and NOW! Such big difference, y’all! It’s crazy what 1 month and a lot of love can do!


My amazing hubby! Yesterday, he stayed home with all four kiddos while I got my nails done and shopped a bit. Annnnnnnnnnnnd, he made all of the meals yesterday, and cleaned! Ah! I just adore him!

Not spending so much time on social media and just being wife and mama. These moments with my family are so precious. I don’t want to my children to look back on their childhood one day and see a mother who was too occupied with on phone or laptop to spend time with them. This has undoubtedly been one of the busiest seasons of my life but God definitely has a way of slowing us down during these times. I feel such peace.

Building stronger relationships with RL friends and family.

Snapchat filters, still. Haha, my littles love the silly faces (that’s what they call the lenses ;)) so much!


God. There was an issue that I wanted to address here on the blog dealing with social media. It had a huge impact on my life, but after prayer I know that I am to just remain silent as far as this issue goes, at the moment.

The Psalms! I cannot believe that we only have a few days left of this study. I’ve learned so much during the past several weeks. Not only from the Bible, but from all of the lessons that’s God has given after Bible study time is over.

We are in Psalm 32 today!
My lesson:
If anyone can have God’s love, I’M GONNA HAVE IT!
If anyone can have God’s peace, I’M  GONNA HAVE IT!
If anyone can have forgiveness, I’M GONNA HAVE IT!
If anyone can have freedom {in Christ}, I’M GONNA HAVE IT!
That’s seriously my new life motto! I’ve realized that I can’t please everyone, and that’s OK. What will always matter the most is my personal relationship with my savior.
I got a lot of gems out of this chapter today. It just always amazes how God is SO SO SOOOO timely!

The upcoming school year, as stressful as homeschooling can be, it doesn’t have to be and I’m looking so forward to seeing how much my kiddos with learn this year.

FOOTBALL. Preseason is only a couple of weeks away, y’all! #LETSGOCOWBOYS!

Getting the Confetti Shop up and running again. PREORDERS WILL OPEN FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME ON JULY 31ST!

Writing out God’s plan for all that He’s laid on my heart.

Prepping for the upcoming homeschool year. We are using a new curriculum so this year will definitely take more planning than next year did. I have been printing a ton of things. Ah! There’s so much work to get done!

Counting On.
Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mum (haha these shows are like my guilty pleasure!)

Lot’s of yummy grilled food thanks to my awesome hubby!

Other things:
+ Aiden has lost two more teeth!
+ Meanwhile, Ari is teething and we’ve been having a lot of late nights.
+ I’m currently plant-sitting for one of my neighbors. I seriously trust myself more with a human life than I do a plant! Ha!
+  I’ve truly been enjoying each day lately, just soaking every moment in and taking life as it comes. Afterall, that’s all we can do right?
+ Trying to stay cool, oh my goodness this North Carolina heat is brutal y’all!

What’s going on in your life now?!

Love Like Confetti,

5 thoughts on “Currently: July 2017

  1. Oh my goodness I teared up! So glad Dixie is yours! & I so feel you on the social media stuff. I had someone spam me and call me an alcoholic and a hypocrite for posting wine pics mixed in with faith posts. I really wanted to post about it but God was like, “Why? You know I know the truth. Be you and don’t hide.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • GIRL! I love this so much! People are so critical! I love wine almost every night and a nice cold beer every once in a while. I’ve learned to ignore it. I posted 4th of July pics on my “freedom” post which has alcohol and had rude comments. So happy to have a delete button, haha! And thank you, we love this little guy so much! I feel so behind on social media, and seriously need to catch up with you and your ministry! Sooooo much love to you, XOXOXO! PS: Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re leading so many people to Him! Which is the important thing, not what we drink or don’t drink 😉


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