Currently: August 2017


How’s everyone doing?!
As usual, as a wife and mama of four + a little pooch, I’ve been quite the busy lady! So, let’s jump into the currently post for August… because September is only a few days away! 😉

The fact that homeschool is officially registered with the state of North Carolina! We’ve been homeschooling for years, but under North Carolina law, you cannot register until your oldest child is 7 or the summer before they will be turning 7. I have been waiting for this day for years.

That Ari is now TEN months old! He is just so squishy and cute! I love him so much! My baby bear!

Game nights! Football is finally back, y’all! Preseason football is here and we are enjoying our COWBOYS!

Free ink! Yes, you read that right, FREE INK! And I’d love for you to be able to get free ink cartridges as well! As a homeschooling mom and aspiring business woman, I know how costly ink is. So, do you want at least 6+ free ink cartridges?! You must have an HP printer, and if you do, simply email me with ‘free ink’ in the subject line! This offer is only good for a couple of more weeks, be sure to contact me!


All that we will learn and experience this homeschool year! School just started back for us a few weeks ago and we have already read almost 100 books and completed 475 assignments! WOW! I am so proud of my littles, they have been on a roll!

Homeschool 2017-2018 portfolios. It’s turned out to be quite a bit of work, but I love it so much! These portfolios currently include our: curriculum list (homeschool and unschool items), objectives (first grade and kindergarten), reading log, assignment list, letters about social contact, assessments and evaluations, and regularity.

By the end of year (what I’m currently working on now), they will also include:
+ field trip list
+ virtual field trip list
+ art projects
+ samples from each subject
+ memberships
+ science experiments and projects
+ a student about me page
+ community service hours
+ the table of contents from all of the reference materials we use, such as encyclopedia
+ extra curricular activities

Each of the kids have a giant 3 ring binder that they are keeping all of their completed work in for the school year, so this should make selecting samples for their portfolios pretty easy. In the future I plan to post our portfolios, because I’m sure a lot of you homeschooling mama’s may find it helpful1


Library Trips

The Eclipse! We loved making these boxes and experiencing the eclipse together!

Grilling with my cute hubby! We grill, SO MUCH and have so many fun memories just from being in our back yard!

THIS GUY. Haha, I’m pretty flippin’ obsessed with him!

He is such a hardworking guy! And he has been teaching the boys to do yard work around the house. He has played a huge part in our sports activities and science experiments. HE’S THE BEST!

Seeing my hubby love on our kiddos and love on them!

Kisses, silliness and baseball!



Life and my family! Ah! Life has been so amazing! I know I haven’t been on here much lately, but I pray that you all are doing great!


New hairstyles!
New hair, who dis’?

Guidance in new adventures.
A very dear friend of mine.
East Texas

God for His grace over my life especially after a HUGE health scare! Don’t take life for granted, be grateful for every moment y’all! Just to think that there would be  a possibility of my hubby and our babies having to live a life without me breaks my heart. Literally. But my God is bigger!

In the fact that being a wife and mom is ENOUGH!

The messiness that comes with motherhood!… And homeschooling!

What’s been going on in your life lately?! 

Love Like Confetti,

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